Friendships in the Workplace

Young businessmen drinking beer at pub

I have noticed that many people in business, both employee or management, have spoken openly about their hesitation in forming friendships in the workplace.

It would be awkward if a friend of yours gets fired and you got promoted, or vice versa. There are other objections as well, some of them make more sense than others.

Personally, I have found that I worked better with my team if I was friends with them. Not like “besties” where we are together constantly. That sounds exhausting, but I do find when employees hang out outside of work every once in awhile, their relationships develop a better cohesion and trust.

It is definitely true that the friendships made at work often fade once you go to a different place of employment, but that is true of most friendships. They often fade based on geography, marital status, among other things. What matters is the relationships in the moment.

If the relationships in the workplace are strictly business, I have found (in my own personal experience) that they are far more open to backstabbing and backbiting. However, when you have at least some sort of cordial relationship with one another, there is more trust in the office.

A business must have trust as a part of the equation, whether it is management to employee or employee to employee, they need to find some sort of way to work together, not just as part of the job, but also outside of it.