Four Easy Ways to Increase Your Profile Views on LinkedIn

Four Easy Ways to Increase Your Profile Views on LinkedIn

If your goal is to generate attention (particularly from recruiters), a stagnant LinkedIn profile or one merely up to date is not likely to get you far. The chances of your LinkedIn profile reaping rewards exponentially increase if you remain active.

In addition to targeting companies and people to include in your network for outreach, remaining active on LinkedIn means posting, sharing and commenting on industry trends and insights. Posting at least once a week will keep your profile at the top of your connection’s feeds and increase your odds of being contacted by a recruiter.

Thanks to technology, this task is easier than ever. Here’s how:

#1 Share from outside publications

Look for articles in industry trade journals, websites and online magazines. Look for the LinkedIn symbol at the top or bottom designed for easy sharing and/or commenting.

#2 Share from LinkedIn Influencers

Check out LinkedIn Pulse online or the mobile app. You’ll discover authors of a wide array of topics. Choose who you’d like to follow and share articles of interest with your connections.

Another alternative is to type in your area of interest into the search bar at the top of your LinkedIn’s home page…and select “posts” under the Search section on the left side of the page.

#3 Share from Groups

Articles are constantly shared amongst LinkedIn’s thousands of groups.  Join some groups of interest and start reading. You can even choose weekly updates be sent to you via email.

Another benefit of groups? You can reach out directly to group members without being first connections.

#4 Become an Author

Have a way with the written word? Share your thoughts with others by going to your LinkedIn’s home page and selecting “Publish a Post.” Who knows? You may wind up with a following!


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