“F**k it, I know I CAN do it!”

I know I CAN do it

“F**k it, I know I CAN do it!” She was recounting the minute it ‘hit’ her – that monumental moment in time when she knew in her heart that she has the power and determination to achieve her business dream.

For too long she’d succumbed to the negative self talk:

‘Who are you to think you can do that?’

‘You’re not good enough or clever enough.’

‘What will people say if I tell them that’s what I want to do with my business?’

‘I don’t have the skills to do it.’

‘Enough!  No more negative self talk.’  Something had changed for her.

And now she’s off and running, she’s on the journey of creating her billion dollar business.  You go girl.  I’ve got your back and there are many others who will too.


Say it out loud

That was a Skype conversation I recently had with a new acquaintance.  Very quickly we got past the ‘chit chat’ and went deep.  We felt safe with each other; we shared our stories of business and life; we laughed and cried together.

A deep bond of friendship and soulful connection was formed in that one Skype call; it happened so fast.

We entrusted our business dreams to each other.  She didn’t laugh at mine and I felt a joyful connection with hers.

We all have dreams.  When they remain in our heads, very often fear kicks in, and we think of all the reasons why we CAN’T achieve them.

Self talk stops us.  It debilitates us.

Or when we share our dreams with others who are not like minded, and they laugh at us – perhaps with derision and not support, that doesn’t help us either.

Instead, find a kindred spirit and be brave.  Say it out loud.  Speak your truth of what you want to achieve in our business and/or life.  Don’t be afraid.  A kindred spirit will be thrilled for you.  They will support you.  They will uplift you.  They will help you to believe you can do it.

In saying it out loud, something changes.  It becomes more real, more believable.  It moves from our head to our heart.


And then take action

Don’t stop there.  Start doing the work to achieve your dream.

Get clear on your business model.  You don’t need to do it alone.  Draw in like-minded people and ask for their help on creating the business model that works for you.

Get your business strategy and goals nailed, and then work on them.  These days a business strategy should only be around one year – two at the most, as the world is changing too fast.  Set monthly, quarterly and six monthly goals.  Get your actions plans in place to achieve your goals.

What do you need to do each week to achieve your monthly goals?  Or each month to achieve your monthly goals?  You get the picture.


Positive thoughts only, please

Don’t let negative thinking or self talk stop you.  When this happens, acknowledge it, and then set it aside.  ‘Feel the fear, do it anyway and the death of that fear will be certain’.

There will be days when it’s hard.  Get the support of your kindred spirit friends, or better yet, find a mentor or business adviser/coach to support you.  If they’re good, they’ll keep you on track.


Don’t give up

We all know that success is not a straight line.  It won’t be easy. The chances are high that you’ll pivot time and time again to keep on the track towards achieving your dream.  There will be a way to get there, so long as you’re ready to ‘roll with the punches’ and change and evolve the way in which you achieve your dream.  Your business model may need to evolve as the market changes….  Just believe you can achieve your dream, and be open to how you achieve it.

Anthony Robbins says:  ‘When it looks impossible and you are ready to quit, victory is near.’

I like that thought.  Do you?


Believe in yourself

Finally, just believe with all your heart in your ability to work it out.

If you believe in the beauty of your dream, and you want it enough, don’t give up on it.  Keep going until you achieve it.

And when you look back after achieving it, enjoy the moment.  Celebrate yourself and all you’ve achieved.  Also reflect kindly on the journey of getting there – the chances are you’ll have enjoyed the journey more, as you will have learnt and grown so much.


I’d love to read your comments.  How about sharing your business dream?  I’d love to know what it is.