Fighting Inertia!

Inertia defined is: a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged. Further defined as a property of matter, well you remember Newton’s First Law, an object at rest…and on and on. Look at the pic above.

Inertia in business is a silent killer. All day, every day inertia is killing great ideas, stalling execution and sucking the motivation out of people in companies around the world. I don’t want to hear the argument that doing nothing is, in fact, doing something. I don’t buy it.

Doing nothing sucks.

My personal experience over 30 plus years tells me that staff, who are actively trying, stand a high chance at succeeding. If you are in a bad spot at work, not trying will confirm your undesired position. For reference, I manage Marketing, Sales and Relationship Management functions for a living and have for a long time.

So let’s pick on Sales for a minute. I have hung on to poor performing sales people for a long time. I employ the following thinking about folks who aren’t bringing in deals; if they are showing up for work, following the process we have for sales and have the passion to come back and do it each day, I will keep them forever.


My experience says eventually things will change and deals will start to close. The caveat here is the assumption that you have a real product or service and there is demand for it in some market.

Activity based management is my job. I manage the activities and keep the team motivated to perform more activities. Whether it’s lead generation or walking a prospect through a process, it’s all the same. If you stick by your team they will eventually get there. I used to work for a pro who said:

“Keep trying and if you do something good tell everyone so you get a pat on the back. If you do something bad tell everyone so we don’t do it again.”

I believed him and wasn’t afraid of getting fired or the repercussions if I didn’t close. That was 15 years ago and I am still using his line with my teams today.

Personal anecdote: When I was a kid I remember a girlfriend had dumped me for another surfer. I was totally bummed for weeks. My grandmother, who you could have put on a calendar of the all-around best grandmothers, leaned over and whispered in my ear “don’t worry Christian, it doesn’t always hang to the same side.” It took me awhile to figure out what she meant both literally and figuratively but I finally got there. Her advice was “just keep trying” said another way.

Activities based sales management rules the day for me, invest in your team and help them by creating a good culture. They will pay you back with trust, hard work and all the extra miles you will ever need.

My best, Chris

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Christian J. Farber is married to Susan and lives in Tinton Falls, NJ near the shore with his three boys and best friend, Dash. Chris is a featured and contributing author to The Good Men Project (TGMP) and active blogger. Chris' daytime job is Chief Marketing Officer for Scivantage.