Evolution of a marketing professional

There are some experienced people in a marketing field on the market. But they often can’t find a good job. The problem is, as always, simple and at the same time it has some circumstances.

To understand that situation, we must first answer the question: who is marketing professional? There are many definitions of this science. To simplify all of them we can say that marketing is “satisfy human needs by trade”. As simple as that. But from here we can understand that marketing history has been with men as long as they lived.

You need food, ok, perhaps hunter has a need in clothes which you can saw. You are target audiences of each other and after some communication you might settle a deal. This is marketing. In its core.

Today the whole world is a marketing field. It’s a complicated system with millions of unknown variables. Each company on the market needs knowledge of social needs, its possibilities, competitor analysis, distribution network and communication to its target audience.  That is a job for a marketing professional. All that shows that this is a job for leaders. You can’t promote a product, not being interested in customers feedback. To communicate it to R&D (research & development) later. This is a huge responsibility and search of new opportunities.

All that leads us to the answer. Why great marketing professionals can’t find a suitable job in companies. There are CEO’s, directors, and top management. They might not be marketing professionals, but if they started the company on their own – it means they had to be. We all see many jokes about meetings and trouble of internal communication and problem solving. That is the case. Marketing person must be as responsible as CEO. And it’s a leading role. That type of professional must be on the same page with CEO. It means sharing company values and marketing knowledge. That is quite hard to achieve.

That all lead to a situation when great marketing professional is only creating advertising models for the product he can’t change and promote it to a given by management target audience. That is a sinking ship.

For a great marketing professional there only a few suitable options available. I’m talking of a full potential involving work:

1. Marketing director;

2. CEO;

3. Entrepreneur.

The first one also has some issues and restrictions. Second and third might be the same. Today we see many new businesses coming out. Some become successful, some – don’t. Being an entrepreneur requires a real marketing professional, fully responsible for his work. It’s hard to find a better place for those people.

To be happy, we need to do what we really want to do. There is no compromise for happiness. You either get 100% or keep it unsatisfied.

There is one exception. While learning you should take any position in the marketing field or in sales. There are no marketing professionals with a totally clean story without mistakes and failures. It is much wiser to learn on history and mistakes already made by others (that is a part of a research progress).

And when the right time comes, you’ll understand that you should fully realize your potential and companies don’t appreciate it, you’ll know what to do.