What Are The Most Efficient Ways Of Getting Fit and Healthy At Work?

What Are The Most Efficient Ways Of Getting Fit and Healthy At Work?

For the majority of every day workers. The usual working day involves staying stuck behind a desk for hours on end, 9-5. With a working day meaning people now have less and less spare time, it can be incredibly difficult to remain healthy, let alone fit. Diabetes, poor eye sight, back strain, heart disease and obesity are some of the most common issues desk workers face. With so little time to combat these issues, doing what you can at work has never been more important. So what are the best things we can do?

Eating The Right Foods

It’s incredibly obvious, but whilst at work it can be very difficult to eat well. Eating right at work will not only keep you healthier long term, but it can also increase your productivity throughout the day. Although it might seem like sugary drinks and snacks will give you a buzz, those effects wear off eventually and you have a comedown.

Eating food with more protein and less sugar is the way to maintain focus throughout the day, as well as keeping your metabolism low. In an attempt to stay off the coffee, try drinking lots of water why not set yourself a challenge one month, ditch the coffee and try drinking two litres of water a day. It’s a much better long term motivator and can keep the hunger craves down to a minimum.

Try Out Low Level Activity At Work

Getting your management on board might be the hardest part, but try doing little things around the office. Even just walking around and moving can get your metabolism up. Getting into a routine of walking around, standing up, getting people drinks, even fetching post can get your blood pumping. The more favours you do for people around the office, even giving it a clean will only make you more popular, it’s a win, win!

Japan have already seen the benefits of having active employees, companies have an exercise called ‘sit down and get up.’ A fairly self-explanatory motion.

Try Not Slouching

This is perhaps one of the biggest problems everyday workers face. It’s the easiest thing to do whilst at work, as you can get too comfortable too easily just resting on your laurels slouched in your chair. But it can lead to terrible problems such as arthritis, abnormal spine alignment and bursitis. Try breathing in, puffing out your chest, putting your shoulders back and just sitting down. This will be the best position for you. Not only will it prevent chronic back problems it should help you stay focused and energised throughout the day.

Having a better posture will only improve your demeanour in a professional environment. Going to a business meeting and slouching in a chair can make you appear uninterested, so sitting up straight helps you give off much more positive vibes.

Ask For A Standing Desk

It might sound like a bad idea; you might even think you will end up exhausted! However, there are huge benefits to a standing desk. Instead of making you more tired, being on your feet will actually help keep you stimulated throughout the day and increase your productivity. Staying on your feet all day can also stop serious desk injuries, like RSI and leg tension. Not to mention the wonders that it will do for lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

With so many people not getting the chance to exercise, sitting down for 8 hours can seriously increase the chances of heart disease. Even if you do manage to go out for a run, or smash a gym session, the effects of sitting desk can be long term. Even by standing for a quarter of the day, it can have huge benefits. Why not test it out for week? Set yourself a test of comparing your work output when sitting compared to standing.

If You Can, Don’t Stress

Trying not to get stressed out, is possibly one of the hardest things to do at work, but it’s also the most important. Employee’s suffering from stress can have problems with depression, anxiety and other associated illnesses. One of the most important aspects of preventing stress is working out when you actually are, sometimes you don’t even know it yourself. Arinite health and safety consultants have developed a stress matrix, a brilliant tool for working out exactly when the pressure is getting too you. However, there are some simple tricks you can use during a normal working day. Breathing exercises, stretching and simply walking away from the stressful environment are the best techniques you can use on an everyday basis.

It might be hard to try out all of these techniques, but even incorporating one could be a massive bonus. With such limited time available, doing what you can, when you can has never been more important.