Does An Increase Of Money Decrease Stress and Worry?

How many times did you think or hear someone say that they will stop being stressed they day they solve their money issues? It’s nothing unusual, we hear it all the time in the conversations we have with others. We also secretly say it in our heads especially when things are tough and it seems like the normal thing to do is to worry but if you’re currently experiencing a situation that doesn’t express abundance then believe me, worrying about money or thinking that it is the cause of your stress and anxiety will neither magnetize that flow of abundance nor eliminate the state of stress and frustration you have.

Research today gives us some really wild statistics about the global wealth and the percentage of people actually experiencing that wealth. Although there is no shortage whatsoever of abundance in this world, we can see the facts screaming a different and very sad story. Limitation, scarcity and shortage is the false belief that clothes the mind of most human beings in this world and as a result we are told that approximately 97% of the manifested wealth is enjoyed by about 3% of the population. That’s absurd! Because it means that approximately 97% of the population are stuck in unnecessary lack and fear. The stress that majority of the population experiences and the increased breakdowns that keep cropping up have their source in that fundamental misconception that has given birth to the belief in lack and limitation thus creating the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of fears.

As such, we have gone on to create belief systems that help foster that paradigm of lack and at a time when life has advanced as far as it has, it becomes a necessity to start finding ways of coping with the progress that’s ongoing. Perhaps ten years ago having beliefs that repel abundance and a great lifestyle wasn’t so painful because the need to have more money wasn’t as great as it is today since luxury, comforts, facilities, inventions and opportunities were not as developed as they are today. This stands as a great thing, for the one who is awake and aware. Unfortunately most are not!

Carrying around an old mindset trying to squeeze it into a new economy and a new era where things are only moving forward is like Cinderella’s stepsister trying to fit into the glass slipper. It just won’t work! So one of the ways to start feeling like life is working out for you is to stop fighting against your own nature and start following the true and natural path that’s already here and guaranteed to get you where you wish to be. By far the most important aspect of shifting into that state comes from understanding Truth about you and about life. It begins with the knowing that your life isn’t just happening to you, it is happening through you and much of your surroundings and conditions have no way of changing unless you consciously start designing and directing your life.

One of the main areas where we see the ill effects of a lack of this knowledge is in the area of money. It’s a hot topic; one of my favorites because growing up in the slums I was really desperate to have money since I thought it was the answer to all my problems. I thought having money would make me healthy because then I could eat the best food and wear the best clothes; I thought it would make me important and loved but most of all I thought it would make me intelligent because I associated intelligence with formal education. So all the stress, anger, worries and insecurity I battled with was in my opinion purely because I had no money. May I tell you; once I did get the money I became even more sick and dependent of medication because I realized how much I hadn’t solved anything! I had a bunch of stuff, bought the gorgeous clothes travelled with style and so on but I was more miserable than before because I still had the same insecurities, fears and unhappiness. Part of the reason my work found me is because I have had the opportunity I suppose to be a walking example of how an individual has the power to produce two extreme lifestyles in one lifetime. But even more, it’s been the great lessons that I’ve learned on how to relate to money in the true and right way that makes what I do special. Which leads me right into what I wish to share with you today…

Do not be fooled any longer into thinking that your current mental and emotional state will change for the better as a result of amassing more money. I know it may not sound reasonable to say this to you especially if you’re currently in need of money, but I want to encourage you to give this idea some airtime in your mental home because it could very well change the course of your future and actually improve your financial situation for the better. Remember that ridiculous statistic about the fact that 97% of the population is stuck enjoying little to no wealth? Well, even if you rose out of that space and landed on great wealth today, your worries and fears would not be vanquished. You would still feel exactly as you feel now, maybe even worse and you know what? That would sooner rather than later repel the very thing that you desire to have.

Much of the population doesn’t realize that it’s not the conditions that bring the fulfilment and pleasure; it’s the pleasure and fulfilment that brings lasting conditions. So if you know that you want to step out of that messy web of mass consciousness, if you want to be free and enjoy lasting prosperity that ever increases, then learn how to shift your mindset into abundance, confidence, prosperity and truth then take massive action to produce the physical money. Increasing money will not decrease your worries because with money you’ll just be worrying about it from a different angle. Money is attracted to the mind that is rich and full of faith; get that and you’ll effortlessly produce a thriving lifestyle.



Janette is a lifestyle and wealth psychology coach a.k.a the breakthrough queen when it comes to showing others how to create new realities. Her biggest teacher has been the grand Master Teacher of Life and she feels that her coaching and consulting work comes from a higher place where no intellectual book reaches. If you would like to know more and enjoy some life altering free resources please CLICK HERE for a FREE GIFT. Are you a creative individual ready to create a thriving lifestyle of freedom personally and financially? learn how easy it can be to connect Mind & Money and unleash the magic within that leads to your path of being independently wealthy.

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