A chapter in my life… and what I learned

Have you ever wondered what it means to live an extraordinary life?

Is an extraordinary life the same as success in life?

I was a business woman in NZ with all the trappings of success as I defined it at that time:  money, sports car, fantastic wardrobe of clothes, expensive jewellery (until it was ALL stolen in 2005 – but that’s a story for another day), a million dollar house, international travel… you get the idea.

I’d set up my own consulting practice in 1994 that at its peak had 20 staff located in 2 offices.  We supported NZ’s biggest and best corporates, public sector entities and charities to be more successful for their stakeholders.  It was a multi-million dollar turnover business.


Ohhhh, the challenges

Owning my own company wasn’t without challenge.  We had all the usual ups and downs of business….

Not enough cash – especially at month end when bills and salaries were due.

Not enough clients then too many clients – the usual feast and famine in business.

High performing staff and low performing staff.

You name it, I had to deal with it.

Persistence and resilience were my middle names.


June 2002 – and my world changed

Yes, in June 2002 my world changed – in a good and unexpected way.


Would you like to hear the rest of the story? 

I’ve recently taken to creating my own YouTube channel (finally J) and I’ve told the story of this chapter in my life in a video.

I’d be sooo thrilled if you clicked on the image below to hear what happened next.

I’d be doubly thrilled if you’d leave a comment on my YouTube channel telling me what you think.


So, what happens in my story? Please click the link in the photo to find out.

I’m hoping my story will inspire you in your business and life.

Thank you so much in advance for watching the video.


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