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The Beauty of Gratitude

The beauty of gratitude.  Hmmm, don’t you think that’s ‘pie in the sky’ sometimes – so out of reach when in the moment life...
10 Top Tips for Business Growth in 2017

10 Top Tips for Business Growth in 2017

There’s a month to go until year end.  Super duper yikes!!  Where has the year gone? I’m guessing that like me, you have one eye...

Modernize Your Resumes for 2016

From fashion to the world of business, nearly everything is subject to trends. Resumes are no different, even though traditional resume formatting and content...
Tips for Entrepreneurs

Tips for Entrepreneurs to Conquer the World

Every entrepreneur’s dream is to make it big and conquer the world. However, there are lots of bumps and rough patches in the road...
Women Entrepreneurs

Working Your Buzz Off?  It’s a Bee-Sy World For Women Entrepreneurs!

The Forbes list of successful entrepreneurs is dominated by men.  But, there are many women entrepreneurs who have taken the bull by its horns...