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You’re Doing it Wrong! How to Blog in 2016.

Forget Everything you know About Blogging With over 78% of consumers stating that they trust brands who provide customized content, it’s no surprise that so...

How Flexible Are You? The Soft Skill of Adaptability.

I read somewhere recently that Soft Skills have become today’s Hard Skills. This is something to think about as we move further into the...

How to create ‘Brand You’

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”. - Aristotle The concept of branding yourself has to do with first uncovering who you are as...

Don’t play the blame game

"It's not me, it's you". How many relationships (both personal and business) have ended with those words. And the truth is, it's most likely...

Save Your Hard Earned Money with Online Shopping Portals

The New Year has started and well, what are we talking about? It’s been an entire month since this year kicked in. Since the...