Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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Success Strategies

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How Employee Cross-Training Can Benefit Your Business

How Employee Cross-Training Can Benefit Your Business

Employers should do their best to maximize the investment that they make in each of their workers. One way to do this is to...
How To Get Verified As A Speaker On Twitter

How To Get Verified On Twitter

  As an expert speaker, both event organisers and speaker bookers look at my online presence as a way of determining my online reach and...
How to Be Promotable

How to Be Promotable: 3 Surprising Things You Need to Know

What does it take to get promoted? Most people think being good at your job is enough.  They’re wrong. I met a woman on a plane...

Greeks Spend in Droves, Afraid of Losing Savings to a Bailout

MAROUSI, Greece — Business has been so brisk in the giant Kotsovolos appliance and electronics store in this upper-middle-class suburb of Athens that you...

The 10/20/30 Rule of Power Point Presentations

I suffer from something called attention deficit disorder (or ADD for short) but, don’t worry, you can’t get it from reading this article (although...