5 non-core activities which businesses are outsourcing these days

businesses are outsourcing

Outsourcing has been helping businesses for quite long. In the earlier times, there were specific facets of business which were outsourced to external bodies, but now, times have changed. Especially since the advent of outsourcing, call centres have started sharing the workload with clients or businesses. This has given businesses the benefit of retaining and maintaining focus only on those actions which comprise of the core business activities.

Outsourcing has expanded its wings across various domains, and slowly and steady, people are realizing the importance of this industry. A competent BPO company of today’s time, can help an organisation in generating good profits while saving on the cost factor. Companies across the globe are generating huge ROIs through outsourcing industry. After seeing the kinds of benefits which are being offered by a BPO company, companies are outsourcing even more tasks to them.

There is a list of unconventional business tasks which are being outsourced these days, and some of them are mentioned below.

Inbound marketing:
Inbound marketing is considered to be one of the most effective ways of generating leads. But generally, companies don’t have that much time and resources to dedicate a team specifically for the purpose of inbound marketing or lead generations specifically . An expert BPO firm can successfully take care of inbound communication and marketing so as to help businesses generate maximum number of leads. A lot of effort and money can be saved by outsourcing inbound marketing to companies which are competent enough to handle the mission-critical function.

In today’s digital age, blogs are turning out to be one of the most effective means of communication. Blogs are being utilized for different purposes right from creating awareness about the brand to generating quality leads. Blogs are used to generate a good amount of traffic so that awareness of the brand could be increased. However, it is not possible that the management of a company to focus their energy on writing and creating content for blogs as it can deviate their focus from core competencies. Solution? Outsourcing! By outsourcing, you are letting experts take care of your blogs while you can work on your important tasks.

Promotions and advertising:
Many companies these days are keeping the important functions to themselves and after drafting the planning process, they are outsourcing the task of advertising and promotions to an expert BPO company. The best part about an outsourcing firm is that it can work as per client specifications. So, you can be rest-assured that your advertising and promotions will be in congruency with your other business and sales objectives. You can focus your efforts and energies on creating the most suitable product for the customers, while someone else can do the promotions for you.

Customer support:
Undoubtedly, customers are the most prized possession of any organisation. But, it can get a bit difficult to manage the vast customer base along with another business functions. An experienced BPO company would be able to deliver your customers superior quality service. The benefits of doing so would be that you won’t have to set up a different system comprising of latest technology, infrastructure and skilled professionals who will be taking care of your customers and their queries. All the funds saved from these capital investments can be utilized elsewhere in order to reap much more productive revenues. Hence, it is always a good idea to outsource customer support to a BPO company.

Answering services:
Customers can reach out to companies as the need arises, irrespective of the time on the clock. And if calls of customers don’t get answered when they need you the most, then they will be dissatisfied with you, and they most likely would go to your competitor in order to seek solutions. As a result, it is very crucial for you to answer each and every time a customer calls you. But setting up an infrastructure in-house to meet such demands can be extremely difficult as it requires both effort and money. Therefore, each forward looking business is outsourcing its answering services to a trusted BPO company which is competent enough to manage large volumes of calls and answer them according to the mentioned specifications.

Gone are the days when companies preferred doing everything by themselves. Nowadays, with the kind of expansion opportunities, growth plans, and strategic objectives, it is getting more and more difficult for business firms to singlehandedly manage everything. As a solution, outsourcing can take care of all the non-core business activities while companies are able to retain their focus on their core activities.