Your Business Networking Questions Answered

Unless you have an exclusively online business, we small business owners/entrepreneurs around the world must network in order to grow our business.  Agreed?

Yet, so many of us are terrified at the prospect.

Walking into a room full of strangers?  Ahhhhhh.  That’s a terrifying thought for many.

We don’t know what to do to effectively network.

We hate being ‘sold to’ or ‘pitched at’ during the events we go to.

We wonder what to do with the business cards we so purposefully collect.

Some people are so good at it

Yet while some of us are quivering in our boots and fretting that networking isn’t working, we know of loads of others who get most of their business through networking.

What are they doing?

How are they doing that?

How can you do that?

Connectors, power connectors… and more

Then we hear of people who are ‘go-to’ people – connectors, power connectors, super connectors… with phenomenal networks of people connected to them.

Can you do that too?

You can!

You just need to learn how.

So, if you had a question or miles of questions to ask THE most successful networkers in the world, what would they be?

Don’t be shy – leave a comment now.

Please give me ALL your questions.

WHY?…… (drum roll)…..

THE Business Networking Online Summit

Because I am about to interview and have conversations with THE world’s leading experts –  authors, thought leaders, practitioners and people who excel at business networking (and grow their businesses through it) – and I’d like to put your questions to them.

I’m hosting the Business Networking Online Summit – it’s a free event for you to attend.  It’s virtual, global, and starts on 11 April …. Please click here to learn more about it.

World leading experts… at the ready… to help you

I’ve brought together 35 world leading experts in topics related to business networking, including:  giving, go-giving, creating intrigue, likability, developing your voice of influence, how to mingle in a room full of people you don’t know, understanding your personality profile and how to use it for effective networking, becoming a connector of others – or a super or power connector – a ‘go-to’ person, how to network to create sales for your business…. and much more.

So, please leave a comment below with your questions.  I promise I’ll get them answered during the Business Networking Summit.  You can even tell me which of the experts you’d like to answer your question.

Please click here to learn more about the Business Networking Online Summit, meet the Summit experts – and register to participate. It’s free.

Networking is the Key to Business Success

Even though much of the world is going digital, people still buy from people they know, like and trust.  People will always network, form relationships, develop communities, pass referrals, and support each other in business and life.

We can’t live without people.

While I’m taking much of my business online, I’m also deepening my business networking, connecting, influence, and relationship skills.  I’d like to support you to do the same.

Become a masterful networker, connector, and voice of influence.

Create more success in your business through networking and connecting.

Please leave a comment below with the questions you’d like answered and register here to attend this A-MAZ-ING Business Networking Summit I’m hosting.

See you at the Summit.