Business Networking – Day 4 of the Summit

In 12 hours’ time, we’ll be going live with Day 4 of the FREE Business Networking Online Summit. I hope you’ll join us. 

We continue to get amazing feedback on the calibre of the experts we featured in the first 3 days – people are learning so much. As you can imagine, I am thrilled.

Here’s the line-up of business networking experts on Day 4.

Thursday, 12 noon EDT (5pm BST)

Gail Tolstoi Miller – How I Overcame My Fear of Networking and Built My Business From 0 to Over a Million in 1 Year

Thursday, 1pm EDT (6pm BST)

Bronwyn Boyle – Saboteur, Child, Prostitute and Victim – How Do These ‘Archetypes’ Influence Our Networking Success?

Thursday, 2.30pm EDT (7.30pm BST)

Stephanie Kleyman – Become a Queen (or King) of Networking and Grow Your Business

Thursday, 3.30pm EDT (8.30pm BST)

Bob Littell – NetWeaving: The Business Version of Pay It Forward – Create Endless Referrals by Helping Others

Thursday, 5.00pm EDT (10pm BST)

Mark Herring – Why I Hate Networking

Day 3 is still available to you

We’ve had so many amazing comments about our Day 3 experts. You can still see them when you register to participate now.  Remember, it’s a FREE Summit and it’s online.

Tenby Powell – Networking to the Top of Your Career

Sam Horn – Got Your Attention? Earn People’s Interest in Your Ideas and Projects

Larry Mohl – Networking is DEAD! – Make Connections that Matter!

Helen VanDenBerghe – Discover the Fastest Way to Get a Rush of New Clients, Sell More Products and Build a Massive Mailing List with Joint Ventures

Zvi Band – Build a Plan and Strategy for Your Key Relationships

I hope you’ll join us for the Summit. Please click here to secure your seat and to ensure you get to meet the phenomenal authors, practitioners, thought leaders and entrepreneurs who are passing on so much knowledge and experience.

How the Summit Works

Each day for over a week at 12 noon EST (5pm BST), you’ll receive access to five interviews I’ve undertake with experts associated with networking. The interviews will be available for free for 24 hours, so please, take your time to watch them.  Take loads of notes…. and then take action.

Counting Down

I hope to ‘see you at the Summit’ in 12 hours time for Day 4. Secure your seat now at this FREE and online Summit now and you’ll still get to watch our Day 3 experts.

Have a great day in the meantime.

With love, Adèle