Boosting your retail shop: 5 steps for improving your curb appeal

Boosting your retail shop: 5 steps for improving your curb appeal

There’s nothing worse than watching hundreds of people strolling happily down the high street without a second glance at your shop – especially when they’re already weighed down with bags.

It’s a painful sign that, despite all your passion, hard work and hours of carefully sourcing stock, they’d still rather spend their money through one of your competitors.

Whilst there’ll always be good and bad days, if you’re spending the majority of your time standing idly behind the till staring at an empty store, then you’ve got a serious problem.

But how do you go about winning the attention of busy, uninterested passers-by?

Getting people through the door all comes down to curb appeal. A bright, attractive and alluring shop front is your strongest weapon in the fight for customers.

Here’s how you can boost the first impression of your shop in five simple steps. Take a look.

#1: keep it clean

Let’s start with the simplest step of all – housekeeping. Sparkling windows, squeaky clean doors and a glistening sign can’t fail to catch the light, or your customers’ eyes. On the other hand, a dusty, grimy exterior will quickly make your shop look dated and uncared for.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to a professional window cleaner, then make sure you take care of it yourself at least once a week.

#2: freshen up the paintwork

Crumbling exteriors, dull colours and a faded sign no one can read aren’t doing you any favours.

Next time you’ve got a quiet day, freshen up your shop with a lick of paint. When it comes to picking the colour, go for one that echoes your brand colours or carries some persuasive power (for examples, blues are said to be calming whilst reds are attention-grabbing).

#3: focus on the window display

The biggest department stores will spend thousands creating fantastic, over-the-top, striking window displays. Use your imagination and there are a ton of inventive ways to build an eye-catching display that won’t break the bank.

Come up with a theme, use stainless steel wires to artfully suspend shelves or stock (just make sure you properly secure them in place), and keep it full of colour to give even Harrod’s visual merchandising team a run for their money.

#4: get the lighting right

Show off your sparklingly clean window by lighting your display properly, and it’ll also help passers-by realise that you’re open.

A small external light above the door and shop front is also a good shout, especially for creating a warm, welcoming glow to entice customers inside on dark winter days.

#5: the finishing touches

As the final push to get customers through the door, pick out a few finishing touches to add a little personality to your shop – whether that’s a plant or a sandwich board emblazoned with a witty comment is up to you.

And to let people know they’re welcome, have your opening times clearly printed on the door or a sign propped up on the window to invite them in.

So there you have it, five steps for improving your shop’s curb appeal. You’ll be queued out the door in no time.

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