BLACK LIFE MATTERS: But Do People care about you marching anymore?

You don’t get Black Power by marching and chanting! You get power by doing what other groups have done. The Jews didn’t march and shout Jew Power! They quietly took over the economic centers of NY City. The Irish didn’t march and shout Irish Power! They kept their mouth shut and seized power by electing a Mayor in Boston and taking over the Police Departments of most major cities.

You can’t march and shout angry chants threatening death to police officials in an effort to FORCE them to believe that Black Lives Matter. You cannot FORCE people to care about you who for over 400 years have done all they can to tell you in every way they can that they don’t give a damn about you! People don’t give a damn about you marching anymore. It is insane to keep marching over every police related death when your marching has not changed anything!

If YOU want REAL change YOU have to change. If YOU don’t like the way White people police YOUR community then YOU become a Police Officer and police your OWN community! The Black Panthers of the 70’s had the right idea of protecting their own community, but they went about it in the wrong way.

Every GOOD General infiltrates his enemy’s army to defeat it from within. He sends soldiers behind enemy lines who are willing to risk their lives to save lives of the people he is fighting to protect. If you want police to believe that Black lives matter, then YOU must make the sacrifice to PROVE black lives matter by becoming a Police Officer.

REAL men who are determined to protect their women and children know that they can’t just do what they want to do, they do what they have to do. It does not make sense to take up a gun to defend your community against the police when the Mayor will GIVE you a gun to defend your community if you BE the police.

Stop being a crying whining baby shouting Black Lives Matter (care about me) when you have the opportunity to take responsibility, put on a uniform, strap on a gun, and begin to care for and protect for Black Life yourself. MEN take appropriate action whereas man-sized boys simply cry and complain. Which one are you?

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