Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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Brad Richardson

Brad Richardson founder of and general manager of a digital marketing agency for Caseo Ltd in Ontario. He loves video games and the geek community.

You’re Doing it Wrong! How to Blog in 2016.

Forget Everything you know About Blogging With over 78% of consumers stating that they trust brands who provide customized content, it’s no surprise that so...
5 reasons to get excited

Review – Skyrim Special Edition: 5 reasons to get excited

Here’s why I’m looking forward to Skyrim Special Edition. Unlike a lot of gamers, I haven’t pumped hundreds of hours into Skyrim. At this point, I’ve probably...


Updates to Entertainment in Windows 10

Windows 10 was built to offer a familiar and secure experience, with unmatched productivity offerings and more entertainment options for Windows fans. Not only...

Google ‘Plastic’ – really realer than real? Get real

Virtual Reality is so last year. Who says? Google do. They have just rewritten the rule book by launching the World's first 'actual reality' headset called...
Ways You Can Build Your Twitter Following In 24 Hours

3 Ways You Can Build Your Twitter Following In 24 Hours

  Did you know that there are 500 million tweets sent every single day? That’s 6,000 tweets every second. Now more than ever, you need to...
Twitter Features

7 Secret Twitter Features You Should Be Using #TechTuesday

DID YOU KNOW: A DAY’S WORTH OF TWEETS WOULD FILL A 10 MILLION PAGE BOOK?! I have always said that Twitter is my favourite network....

Savor the In-Between

Let’s do a Thanksgiving Podcast, Jeffrey Shaw, the impassioned originator of the Creative Warriors Podcast, says to me. Let’s talk about how we can fully...