Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Authors Posts by Behind the scenes of the online gaming industry

Behind the scenes of the online gaming industry

Gaming Empire ____________________________________________________________________ Gaming has been something that we would do to have fun and enjoy various exciting games as well as the tasks which every game gives us. The thrill of completing a game is something younger generations crave for. In these modern times, gaming has advanced to a whole new level. You can even consider it a job where you can earn more money than someone can with a certain degree of education. Playing games are becoming more and more addictive, and younger generations are enjoying playing games all the time. This can pose some huge issues with our society, and we as a humankind should carefully think about this. ____________________________________________________________________ The Dark Side of Gaming ____________________________________________________________________ Playing games require a certain level of dedication. You will have to sacrifice almost everything regarding your social life. You need to dedicate entirely to playing games if you want to be the best, and the only way for you to benefit from it. There are many different things you could do and dozens of games you could play. Selecting and browsing the games is the first thing which by itself alone inclines that you need to spend a lot of time and effort. After choosing what you are going to play and what game will be forever entertaining to you, then you can start mastering it and achieving that desired level of skill which will be beneficial to you in terms of money. You will have online friends, but not the ones in real life. Your social skills will significantly drop, and that is a bad thing because you need to learn and understand the world around you and not live in a fictional one. ____________________________________________________________________ eSports and Betting ____________________________________________________________________ Gaming is being considered as a certain sport, and there are championships in various games held every year. For example, there is “The International” in Dota 2, where the prize pool exceeded the one for World Series of Poker, which stands for the biggest prize pools in the world. Now, there is so much money in gaming you couldn’t even imagine, but you wouldn’t believe what people spend it. Changing the look of your champion in League of Legend costs almost 15e per skin! When there’s money in it and tournaments, of course, there is betting involved. You will be able to place a bet on which team will be victorious by putting skins or other valuable things for which you paid with real money. It is pretty much the same as the one UK online gambling franchise William Hill holds, but it’s only different type of sports. ____________________________________________________________________ In the End ____________________________________________________________________ We all need to understand that no force will be able to stop this, but we have to learn to adapt to it, and not focus on that thing solely. Our children and young ones will have much trouble with their social lives because of the gaming. On the other hand, people who play games can improve their brain functioning by 150%, and that is just one of the good things about gaming.

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