Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Anthony J James

I am a C-level, global marketing executive specialising in creative, digital ecosystems, brand loyalty and innovative B2B and B2C solutions focussed on growth. I have been a professional in this space for over a quarter of a century. My experience extends across most of the major brands and retailers in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Europe plus high-growth emerging markets. I have been described by my peers as having a brilliant creative and strategic mind with the flexibility to work cross-functionally and cross-culturally.
What Makes a Loyal Customer?

What Makes a Loyal Customer?

Commitment to a brand is considered anachronistic, and programs to support loyalty are regarded by some critics as doomed ventures.  But I would argue...
How to Prevent Innovation From Being Just Plain Boring

How to Prevent Innovation From Being Just Plain Boring

You see it every day. Brands talking about how innovative they are, how this new widget will transform their business, and how millions of...


Top 5 Soft Skills Necessary in a Workplace

More than 75% of main issues occurred in the workplaces are only due to soft skills. Soft Skills express the behaviour of a person...
Twitter Marketing Statistics That Drive Sales

Twitter Marketing Statistics That Drive Sales

Did you know that over 500 million people visit Twitter without logging in? Twitter has been, and still is my favourite social network for connecting...

Don’t EVER Tell High Ambition People to Calm Down.

You need to chill out. Just relax; it’s no big deal. The above comments are intended to be comforting, but when you tell a high performer...

When We Are Happy For Others

I am happy for you. Powerful words, right? And my two favorite variations: I am so pleased for you (a bit more cautious). I am thrilled for you (yes, over...

Silverpreneurs: The Boomer’s “Start-Up” Generation

A lot has been written about tech savvy Millennials, and how they’re going to radically change the future. They might, but there are two...