Apple kicks off biggest launch yet with new iPhones, iPads and Apple TV all on the menu

APPLE kicked off its biggest day of announcements in recent times in an event in San Francisco today.

In the Bill Graham auditorium in San Francisco filled with a few thousand technology journalists and Apple staff, who cheered like fans at an Origin game, Apple CEO Tim Cook, started off with big promises.

“We are about to make some monster announcements across several of our product lines,” he said.

Cook highlighted the fitness aspects of the Apple Watch which he said had been “life changing” for many users.

He said the watch had a customer satisfaction rating of 97 per cent.

An update to the Apple Watch OS, watchOS 2.0, will bring a “time travel” features, that will let you scroll forwards and back in time to easily see upcoming appointments in your calendar.

More than 10,000 Apple Watch apps on the app store already, but with native apps the next generation of Apple Watch apps will be able to do more.

Facebook Messenger is coming to the watch. Another app is iTranslate, which lets you speak into your watch and see the translation. GoPro has a new app that will let you use your watch as a remote to frame your shots through the action camera.

Dr Cameron Powell, of the app Airstrip, shows health features including blood pressure and heart rate with the ability to send a secure message to a health provider.

He also demonstrated how the Apple Watch could be used to display the heart rate of a foetus for a pregnant mum to send to her health service.

Apple also announced a deal with Hermes for new bands, along with its own new bands including two new finishes for the Apple Watch and the aluminium Sports watch in rose gold colour. The new watch models are available in Australia today. The updated watch OS will be released September 16.