Alibaba brings GPUs and SSDs to its growing public cloud

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba today announced the debut of 14 new services in its Aliuyn public cloud.

New servers that pack fast-acting solid-state drives (SSDs) are among the new offerings, alongside servers with graphics processing units (GPUs), according to a statement from the company. Such services can solidify Alibaba’s position in the growing public cloud market, particularly in China.

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Even so, Alibaba is largely playing catch-up. Public cloud market leader Amazon Web Services offers both SSD-backed servers and GPU instances. Google and Microsoft, which are considered the two other top cloud providers globally, both have SSD support but currently lack GPU services.

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An Alibaba spokesperson did not immediately have details on the specifications of the SSDs and GPUs.

Alibaba went public on the New York Stock Exchange in a major initial public offering last year. In March Alibaba launched its first cloud data center based in the U.S.