9 Accomplished Ways to Optimize Your Website for Increased Conversions



For every business, its primary goal is revenue. Therefore, we can say that the goal of every available website is increased conversion that leads to sales and every action you need your audience to take.

For this to happen, one needs to take action and make frequent changes to increase the effectiveness of your website. However, many people are wary of making these changes as you do not want to press the wrong button and in the event hurt your website.

The good news is that if you consult an SEO company you are presented with some great ways to make your website grow and play it safe.

There are accomplished ways to optimise your website for increased conversions, proven and tested, and in this article we’ll discuss some of the best practices to help you with increase your conversion rate.

Trial and Error by Testing

The first part is trial and error by testing and a very important step to web conversion optimisation. Test every element that you add or change with your specific audience before reaching a conclusion. Here you can do an A/B testing and test your websites pages and elements against each other. Then you stick to the option that works best for you.

Lose the Image Sliders

We all know they look cool, but they are preventing your visitors to explore your site at their own pace. These image sliders distract them from what really matters. They are conversion killers so best to do away with them. Therefore, what do you replace them with – you place your most important offers on the front and centre of your home page

Give Your Visitors Incentives

Offer your visitors something that leads to prospects. Maybe you want a user to buy your recipe book then offer them a free special recipe, so that they will later contact you that simple.

Make Forms Easier

Do not make your web forms complex as simplified forms encourages users to complete them. Reduce the fields that need filling in and remove that horrible CAPTCHA we know we are all human.

Incorporate a Privacy Policy

If you want visitors to trust you and complete those forms available on your site, you need to include a privacy policy. You need to make sure that their personal info is safe in your hands. One of the best places to include a privacy policy is in the footer on your landing page. In fact, these days it is a requirement if you want your ads approved by places such as Facebook or Google.

Call to Action

Do not hide your CTA button at the bottom of your site. You want to keep prospective clients so bring that call to action button up, making it visible to your audience instead of them scrolling down for it.

Great Content Still Rules

It may sound cliché but great content still rules no matter what form it takes on. Whether it’s video, text, image, prospect, or an infographic, it serves as a backbone to your site strategy. Make sure your content is detailed, relevant, personalised, and useful for your clients. Focus on what interests your audience and highlight what they are able to gain from it. If you are selling, products tell them how it can help them. If you’re unsure how to develop your strategy, you should seek help from Algorithm, a reputable internet marketing agency from Sydney.

Display Testimonials Proudly

Provide your users with social proof, as there are many ways you can take advantage in showing your credibility, as this will help to increase conversion on your site. If your customer has left you an excellent review, grab the opportunity and display it.

Place a Live Chat Function

Have Live Chat as this is a call to action and solves problems immediately. This in turn will give you instant business and solves concerns that clients may have.

Final Thoughts

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) is not such a difficult task if you stick to some basic rules. This could also include some lateral thinking like changing positions of content, colours, sizes, and other web elements but be sure to test them out and track the changes. Advanced optimisation testing does not come cheap and if you do not have a big budget to hire an agency just stick to the simple tips and you will see a change in conversion growth.