The 7 Traits of High Achievers

Have you ever wondered why some people achieve more than others in their businesses and lives?

As this question has fascinated me for over 20 years, I have studied the highest achievers in life to see ‘what makes them tick’ and to find answers that I can use when coaching my clients and in my own life.

There are 7 traits that are key in achieving anything and everything in life. In brief summary, they are:

Seductive Clarity – Quite simply this means that high achievers have a really clear view of who they are in the world, and what they want to achieve in their lives. The vision is so clear they live and breathe it. I call it VIVA – Vision Internalised is Vision Actualised™.

Sensational Mindset – High achievers make sure their mindset is right – they work with coaches, masterminds and others to support them in maintaining the right mindset and belief systems. Like anyone, they have setbacks and failures, but because they believe they can do it, when difficulty strikes, they flow with the challenges, twisting and turning to get back on track, managing their mindset in the meantime.

Soulful Vitality – Zest, energy and enthusiasm are words often used to describe high achievers. They have an excitement and vitality about them that can be contagious. That vitality is not always a ‘ra-ra-ra’ extroverted energy, it is a quiet confidence and assurance. High achievers recognise the importance of their own internal energy and vitality in achieving their vision, so they work towards maintaining it, often through focusing on their health and fitness.

Steadfast Focus – Goals break a big vision into bite size, manageable chunks. High achievers recognise the importance of setting goals, savouring the journey and celebrating achievements along the way.

Once the goal is set, high achievers get on and do the work. As Shakespeare said: “Nothing comes from doing nothing”. They are efficiently productive. They work on the things that matter and don’t get side tracked with being productive in areas that are not a good use of their time or skills. Those elements are delegated. In essence, over sustained periods of time, high achievers get more done towards the achievement of their vision.

Skilful Excellence – Many high achievers aim to be the very best at what they do; they master their area of expertise. In doing so, they ‘fail forward’ and they seek out feedback. They also recognise that change is a constant, so they embrace it.

To be skilfully excellent, high achievers are brave. They have the courage to ‘find the magic’ that lies beyond their current comfort zones. They know (through experience) that new and exciting frontiers appear after they push through self imposed limitations and barriers.

Sincere Relationships – People are drawn to high achievers as many have wonderful people skills. Others want to work with or for them, supporting the achievement of their vision. They are respected and are respectful. They are admired, kind and generous. Often in leadership roles, high achievers have a wide circle around them: loved ones, coaches/mentors, powerful others, communities.

Self Expression – High achievers are constantly curious about life. They don’t rest on their laurels; they experience life. They seek out experiences to magnify the quality of their lives. In doing so, new opportunities are created.

You made it! In summary, that’s all it takes to become a high achiever in business and life. The great thing is that each of the 7 traits are able to be learned. Persistence, practice and the development of new habits is all it takes. Are you up for it? High achievement in life is not the domain of the ‘good and the great’ – it is something we can all master. Remember the ‘magic happening’ lies beyond our comfort zones.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on your own journey towards being a high achiever. What have been some of the challenges, lessons and experiences you have had? How about writing your comments and thoughts on my Face Book page?