7 Reasons Why Your LinkedIn Profile Does Not Get Views

7 Reasons Why Your LinkedIn Profile Does Not Get Views

25 million LinkedIn profiles are viewed every day, one in three professionals on the planet are on LinkedIn and 2 new users join every second, so many are wondering: “WHY O’ WHY am I not getting more views to MY profile??”

We know that without the views, the odds for being found by whoever we are hoping to “target” are slim and close to zero. It’s a numbers game, the more views, the more likely we are to be seen by the “perfect prospect, client, partner, recruiter, investor, etc”!

We’ve been helping entrepreneurs, consultants and companies of all sizes leverage linkedin to grow their business and it never fails, the 7 reasons below are ALWAYS to blame for low profile views, low leads, low inquiries and therefore slow business growth.

#1 The Picture

Your picture is your first “eye catcher”, if you have NO picture, the odds of getting a profile view are lower than if you had a nice professional picture with a SMILE!

  • Do not use LOGOS
  • Do not pick a picture that belongs to Facebook
  • Do not pick a picture that looks like a mugshot or a drivers license picture, however NO PICTURE also raises suspicions

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LinkedIn Members feel STRONGLY about keeping LI professional and the first impression starts with your profile picture, so KEEP IT PRO!

#2 Connections

Linkedin is a networking website, so, to be seen, you need to build a network and this requires connections. The more connections the greater your network is, the greater the chances you have to get views to your profile.

The first step could be to add connections from your address book, Outlook, Gmail accounts etc (pick only those that are ALREADY linkedin members)

#3 Groups

Most LinkedIn users are members of groups, and there are well over 2 million to chose from, however, the way linkedin is designed, each group member becomes part of your network IF YOU SHARE THE SAME GROUP.

What does it mean in plain english? Join the 50 groups that LI allows you to; pick the groups that are themed around your “perfect audience” not filled with competitors and you will see your network grow, your reach expand and therefore, in time the views will increase.

#4 Activity

To be seen, you need to move, if you are camouflaged in the crowd, you will stay well hidden.

  • Post meaningful updates
  • Share insightful industry relevant golden nuggets
  • Like and comment on others posts
  • Endorse your connections
  • Read articles on Pulse and like, share and comment on them

You don’t need to spend hours to get results, you just need to be CONSISTENT, building up your network requires consistency, but STAY AWAY from automated tools that post on your behalf, it’s easy to tell and is NOT appealing.

Connect your Twitter account and get even more “traction”

#5 Headline

The first thing people see is your photo, or lack of, then it’s your headline. The headline gives the LI member a reason WHY they should click on your mug and check out your profile. It MUST stand out.

ALL of my clients go through a thorough “headline remodeling”

If you stick to what EVERYONE else is doing, the odds of having different results are not to be expected.

View your headline a bit like a mini “elevator pitch” or an invitation, imagine your are addressing that LinkedIn user and give him/her a reason to view your profile.

Stay away from the predictable titles and try to make a full sentence instead.

#6 Signatures

Do you have a link to your LI profile in the signature of your emails? Why don’t you? That alone can increase your profile views.

MEA CULPA! I must admit I don’t have one, but I get over 200 views per day, so I don’t sweat it, however, I probably will as soon as I post this article!

#7 “View My Profile” Button

Do you have website? Do you have “view my profile” button placed somewhere it can be seen and clicked on? I do and it does get me extra views.

People like to snoop, they look at your profile, look at your website, google your name, check out your reviews, read your recommendations, etc

Give them something to look at because each thing they do in that process, is a TOUCH POINT, it takes on average 7 to make a sale…

The more touch points you offer your visitors, the greater the odds are of CONVERTING those increasing views into connection requests, business inquiries or whatever you are on LinkedIn for!

Which one of these 7 points you need to work on?
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