6 Must-Read Books for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

6 Must-Read Books for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

It is quite a well-known fact that most successful people tend to read a lot. And it is not just out of habit, successful people read to learn more and improve themselves in the process. Meaning, they don’t just read any type of book, they prefer books that can inform and educate them.

That includes business magnate Warren Buffett who reportedly reads between 600 to 1000 pages each day, Microsoft founder Bill Gates who reads around 50 books per year (1 each week), and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who reads one book every two weeks.


As an aspiring entrepreneur, there’s still so much to learn about the rules and tools of the trade, and not to mention training yourself to think like a good businessman. So below are 6 books that can help you get started as an up and coming business man:


  1. The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau


If you want to know how other successful people made earnings of over $50,000 or more with just $100 in investment, Chris Guillebeau compiled over 50 cases of such success stories.


In his case study, Chris realized that the common factor among them is that these people did not really possess special high-skills, but they managed to pursue a passion that ended up very profitable.


This is a good read when you are still trying to develop an idea or product for your business. Ask yourself if it is in line with your passion, or is it something other people would be willing to pay for? How can it be unique from your competitors?


  1. The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen


Highly recommended by Forbes Magazine, Clayton Christensen’s The Innovator’s Dilemma studies how most companies get left behind by failing to ride on new innovations and trends.


The book gives insight as to how companies should constantly adapt to the ever-changing and technologically advanced market. The book had been cited by the late Steve Jobs, and is a known favorite among business executives and founders.


Young entrepreneurs should read this book to gain a better vision for the company, and learn how to always look out for opportunities under new innovations and emerging markets.


  1. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham


This is the book that ultimately changed the then 19 year old Warren Buffett’s life. As the title suggests, the book gives sound advice and training when it comes to investing.


Buffett says that Graham’s book will give you the emotional discipline and intellectual framework that can ultimately help you in decision-making.


This is exactly what aspiring entrepreneurs should master. Running a business would entail a lot of hard decisions to make, and most of the time, the emotionally-driven choices usually turn out to be the bad decision in the long run. Training yourself to keep emotions from affecting your intellectual framework can lead you to better and more beneficial decisions.


  1. Business Adventures: 12 Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street by John Brooks


This book is one of Bill Gates’s favorites, but it was recommended to him by none other than Buffett himself. The stories and anecdotes in this book are already decades old, but the lessons and insights you’ll get are still relevant in this age.


The book will give you an insider view of the practices, culture and customs in Wall Street and the corporate world in general. According to Gates, the book will help you realize that businesses at the end of the day are ran by people, and your success could depend on how your people handle and implement all your affairs well.


  1. The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte


LaPorte’s The Fire Starter Sessions is not really a business book, it is however a self-help book targeted to marketers, entrepreneurs, and every goal-getter out there. Its main message is motivation, and it is perfect if you think you still need a little push to help you come out of your shell and build that business you always planned of.


  1. Conscious Capitalism by John Mackey and Raj Sisodia


Co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market John Mackey believes that a win-win take of capitalism is more profitable for the long run. Meaning, businesses that could keep their investors, customers, and the society happy has more potential for growth and success compared to the traditional business model that only care about the numbers.


This is a good read for up and coming entrepreneurs who now have to move in a global and more informed market where consumers are more conscious on how to create a social impact through the buying-decisions they make.


Reading books is not just a habit you should develop as an aspiring entrepreneur, but it should also be maintained all throughout your business journey. Note that even billionaires like Gates, Zuckerberg and Buffett did not stop reading and learning what they can, even after passing their million and billion-dollar mark.


Keeping yourself up in the business world requires a sharp mind, great vision, and most of all, important decision-making skills. So go ahead and read more books outside of this list, and keep an eye out for important nuggets of insights.


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