5 Top Tips to Achieve Business Success in 2015

Where has the year gone? It’s late July… and time’s flying by. Given my experience, you’re likely to be in one of two camps in your business:

Right now, you’re either thinking:

Yeeehhhhaaa, what a great year I’m having… bring on the second half of the business year,


Aaaaahhhh, this year is NOT going to plan. It’s awful and business is bad or at best, very average.

Which one are you?

If you’re in the Yeeehhhhaaa camp, brilliant work. Keep it up… keep your foot on the pedal and make 2015 your best year yet! Go for it and don’t forget to enjoy the journey along the way – celebrate your business success throughout the remainder of the year.

If you’re in the Aaaaahhhh camp, don’t be disheartened. There’s still half a year to achieve the business success you’re seeking and hopefully have planned for.

Remember the parable of the hare and the tortoise? Who won the race? The tortoise, of course… with the slow and ‘steady as she goes’ approach. You can do this. You can achieve everything you want in your business this year.

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Here are my 5 Top Tips to ensure you finish off the year in style and achieve the business success you want.

Tip 1 – Remember your ‘What’

Your what? That’s code for reconnecting with your big vision for your business. This year is likely to be a stepping stone towards a much bigger vision. Even if you are off track, it’s easy to get back on track if you have clarity around the big picture you are aiming for… What’s the daring dream you’ve created for your business and life? DREAM for me is Destiny Represented Evocatively, Actively and Magnetically. What’s your dream?

Tip 2 – Remember your ‘Why’

Your ‘why’ is another way of saying… Why do you want to achieve your big vision – your DREAM™ –for your business? Why is it important to you? What will life offer you when you achieve it? How will your family benefit? Is your family your ‘why’? Is giving them the life you want them to have the reason you get out of bed each day? Reconnecting with your ‘why’ and feeling the emotion of its importance will help you to be magnificently motivated to achieve your goals over the remainder of the year.

Tip 3 – Live in the Moment

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Remember, regardless of how far behind the ‘8-ball’ you might be feeling, there’s a lot of your life that’s good now. Rejoice in that. Think about choosing happiness as a state of being now and not something you strive to achieve in the future. Practise being grateful for all that you have, and how about being generous with all that right now? How about sharing your gifts and resources with others? I promise you, regardless of how challenging business is, you’ll feel a lot better for living in the moment and appreciating all that is good around you.

Tip 4 – Redouble your Focus

Now that you’ve reconnected with your ‘what’ and ‘why’, it’s time to redouble your focus on achieving the goals you’ve set this year. Firstly review them to ensure they are still relevant for the remainder of the year. Great if they are, biff them out if they are not, and create new and better goals that can be achieved this year.

Then the key is getting on and doing the work – accelerated action is required. As Shakespeare says: “Nothing comes from doing nothing”, so kick yourself into gear and get going. Prolific and profitable productivity is required by everyone.

Reassess all your strategies – your branding, marketing and sales strategies; your financial projections – can you remove cost from the business to achieve the desired profitability? Your customer delivery and happiness strategies – are they serving you? Evaluate every part of your business to ensure it’s operating at its optimal level.

Tip 5 – TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More!

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Business success is a team effort. Remember, you’re the leader of the business. You should be working on the parts of your business that suit you, your skills and your personality, and using your leadership abilities to inspire your teams into accelerated action. Hopefully they benefit too when your business does well.

You should be looking at your business and streamlining it – delegating, automating and outsourcing as appropriate. These days business are increasingly ‘lean and mean’ with great teams (actual or virtual), business partnerships and collaborators all working together towards achieving success. How does your business fare in this area? How can you inspire your teams more?

5 Top Tips for Business Success

Well they’re my 5 Top Tips to achieve Business Success in 2015. Of course, there are many more tips I could give you.

If you allow me one more, it’s gotta be to believe in yourself and your ability to be, achieve, and have everything you desire in business and life. Never forget that. Don’t let that little voice within suck the sizzle out of your dreams.

Go for it. You’ve got this. 2015 is your year! Enjoy it.

ACTION: What are you going to do differently to achieve even more in 2015? I’d love to hear your thoughts. How about sharing your ideas on social media?