5 Tips For Selling Products on Instagram

5 Tips For Selling Products on Instagram

Nowadays you do not just rely on your website for online product selling, but you also have to use the latest means of promotions for it, and the most powerful of them all is promoting through social media websites.

Social media websites are the best way to promote your business these days, and if you can sell your product through social media, you will be able to reach a lot more customers.

Instagram is one of the top social networking sites, and you can market your product through it very efficiently. Making business through Instagram is not as easy as it sounds; you have to sell your product in a proper manner to achieve success.

Here are five tips for selling products on Instagram.


Make your photos look professional

To sell your product through Instagram, you need to make your photos look professional. If you are going to post the picture of your product you need to make that picture catchy and attractive. Dull and ordinary pictures of goods and selfies are not going to help. You need to grab the attention of your potential customers, and you can do that only if you take your photo sharing seriously and start posting some cool pictures of your product with a professional look.


Take advantage from the Hashtags

Hashtags are very powerful on Instagram, and you will see almost everyone using them with their photos and videos. Whether it’s a business account or personal, you can leverage hashtags to sell your product on Instagram. People search hashtags on Instagram, and if you use the right hashtag with your product, you will be able to reach more target audience, hence more followers. But you need to be smart about it because if you use irrelevant or too many hashtags, it would not help and may lose followers.


Add extra to the product description

As it is important to present your quality product with care and with the use of professional photos, it is also as important that you add a little extra to the product description as well. Tell a bit more detail about your product. Talk about its advantages and specialty. You can also add the emojis in the description to make it a little more attractive. So be creative while writing the description.


Share your posts consistently

It is important that you share your posts several times a day. The post you share for once does not reach to everyone, so that is why you need to share your posts consistently for it to reach the maximum audience. You need to study your target audience i.e. what age group they are, and from which time zones you get most of your audience and then you share your posts accordingly.

Take advantage of the buy now button

Instagram has been very business friendly. It might not let you add a link in your posts to direct your customers to the shopping site but it does offer its business users a buy now button. By using this button it will make things really easy for you and your audience. And by this way, you win the sales by keeping it simple.