5 Crucial Blogging Mistake Newbies Should Avoid

Newbies are the bloodline to the blogging community. Without them, internet is a place of ghosts. This article focus towards the mistakes these newbies made and most of them left blogging as full time job.

Whenever I see new blogs and youngsters trying their luck in creative writing, it remind me my initial years. When I was struggling in writing and making my way to full time career. These youngsters are energetic but does not remember the key rules of blogging. Most of them, quiet during the initial years. This is due to number of mistakes that I will explain in this article:-

Mistake 1: Following the Passion

Starting blogging for the sake of money is the dumbest idea on internet. Youngsters start blogging, write about finance or fashion(both of these niches have high values in terms of advertisements). Everyone of like something, most of the youngsters like sports(specific to boys) or travel or fashion or showbiz. Writing about your interests is necessary for long term survival in the blogging world.

Mistake 2: Not Developing Unique Voice and Pitch

New bloggers start copying material from other websites, readers does not like this thing. They need uniqueness, and a reason to comeback to your blog each time. You can copy the ideas, but conveying in a different way is important.

Mistake 3: Being regular

When I started blogging, I was writing some posts in a week and wait for people to visit. Later, I discovered that I have to write continuously, in order to gain confidence of search engines. If you can’t write regularly for sometime, you have to go for ‘Guest Blogging’. Many big blogs have free option for guest bloggers, it will help the audience to know about you and your blog.

Mistake 4: Not researching For Hot Topics

In order to get traffic continuously coming towards your website. You need constant research about the topics that you have to write at your blog. This mistake is committed by 95% newbies, as they do not know about on-going trends and do not care about the traffic.

Mistake 5: Developing extra skills

In 2006, blogs were simple. And only writing about different topics was enough to gain traffic to your blogs. After 2009, new trends in design community has taken the blogging into new phase. Right now, you have to know wordpress (or other platforms), how to design your pages into more user friendly media. Same is the case with social media. In 2006, myspace was famous with 200+ million users from few communities. Right now 2 billion people are using social media from personal to more diverse purposes. So, you have to know , how to use social media to attract more visitors to website.



Odessa Lepera is the full time blogger for iguestblog, previously he was working as blogging consultant at Omacho networks. He loves fishing and spending time with his family.