5 Career Options for People Who Want To Help Families

5 Career Options for People Who Want To Help Families

With all the chaos and loss in the world around us, it can be hard to feel satisfied with the job you currently have. You may find yourself wishing you could do more and still make a living in the process but that’s not always the easiest thing to attain. It can often be hard to balance your job, your family, and your volunteer opportunities and still feel like you are giving your best in each aspect.


However, there are plenty of amazing and meaningful jobs that can help you to feel like you are doing your part to help the struggling families around you whilst still earning the money you need to succeed in life. The key is to find the job that fits you and your goals best and take the next crucial steps to attaining this job as soon as possible. In the end, you may find yourself happier overall and helping more individuals and families than you could have ever dreamed of.


  1. Registered Nurse


From Florence Nightingale to Mother Teresa, nurses have never failed to make an impact in our world and show that true love prevails. A nurse’s job is never over and the care they have for each and every one of their patients is what makes this job a wonderful way to help families get through some of the most trying times in their lives. It’s never easy coming to terms with death or disease but nurses are the individuals that humanize these otherwise remorseless parts of life and help families keep their strong bonds even when tragedy strikes.


Registered Nurses make an average wage of over twenty-eight dollars an hour and, with nursing careers in high demand, there are always openings in the nursing field no matter where you live. If you want to make a difference in countless lives, help families to recover after trying times, and get paid handsomely to do so, then becoming an RN is the perfect job for you.


  1. Adoption Program Manager/Foster Family


Whether you want to help multiple children find the families that suit them best or pay more focus on particular children and their well-beings before they find that perfect fit, the adoption process is a wonderful way to do so. Adoption Program Managers are the individuals in charge of implementing programs and services within the adoption agency and collaborating with caseworkers, families, and children to ensure that the adoption process runs as smoothly as possible. Although most locations require a master’s degree in social work to attain this job, it is most certainly a high-paying opportunity for anyone interested in making a difference in both the children’s as well as the families’ lives.


If you would rather help out children in need of a temporary home until a family is found for them, becoming a foster parent is a wonderful way to do so. Although it is not the easiest process to become one of these foster parents, by doing so, you can raise adoption awareness in your community and possibly be the reason for multiple adoptions that will benefit countless young individuals suffering from being thrown into the big, scary world of adulthood too soon.


  1. Family Law Attorney


Many people are completely unaware of the pain and stress involved in custody battles, divorce, and parental rights. The process can affect both the adults as well as the children involved and lead to a child that suffers from serious depression and feels like they must choose what parent they ultimately love more. If you would like to be one of the many Family Law Attorneys that works daily to relieve this stress and make the process as painless as possible, you may find yourself helping countless families to stay strong despite the separations they now face.


Many family law attorneys know the power of their job and enjoy their ability to communicate with the people they help on a personal level rather than within the confines typically found in the law world. In fact, Benjamin T Hodas, a family law attorney located in Palm Beach, may have said it best when he said, “Being able to work with a human being – as opposed to a corporation – and observing, often immediately, the impact my advice has in comforting a client is overwhelmingly gratifying”.  If you want to change the dim views associated with divorce and child custody, becoming a family law attorney may be the perfect job for you.


  1. Professional Nanny


Although most people think of babysitting as a job they once had in highschool, becoming a professional nanny is a wonderful way to closely interact with children, find out exactly what it means to be a mom if you aren’t one already, and help young minds grow and advance. The truth is, nannies are more than just babysitters and their ability to help children grown and learn on a daily basis is what makes this job so special. If you love doing crafts, making meals, taking care of multiple children of different ages, and teaching, then becoming a professional nanny is a wonderful way to do these things on a daily basis and, furthermore, open children up to different methods of teaching, new foods, and wonderful ways to express themselves.


Professional nannies typically join online communities where they can basically market themselves and their attributes in order to find compatible families. Online nanny sites are a wonderful way to showcase your résumé and choose the wages you think are suitable for the work you intend to do when there. If you choose to clean as well or do extensive crafting or cooking, you may increase your rates to higher than other nannies which can be a great way to boost revenue whilst still doing exactly what you love in the process.


  1. Nonprofit Executive Director


With billions of nonprofit organizations out there and countless volunteering opportunities within each one, it’s no surprise that coordinating these organizations and ensuring they run smoothly and cost-effectively is a high-paying and rewarding job. Becoming a nonprofit executive director can help countless individuals and families depending on the branch of nonprofit you choose to tap into.


On top of this, most nonprofit executive directors make salaries of nearly 65k a year whilst still attaining the meaning they long for in their work and interacting with the people that continue to grow because of it. As a nonprofit executive director, your main priorities are to ensure that events run smoothly and budgets are kept whilst interacting with the people volunteering their time to make these events happen and discussing donation possibilities that could lower your budget and increase your productivity overall. If you already volunteer locally or have always wanted to but haven’t up until now, looking in your local area for a nonprofit executive director position may be your best course of action to help those in need while still making a living.


There are countless ways to make a difference professionally in your community and beyond but looking into these amazing five professions can truly help you to determine what kind of help you wish to provide and what the next few years of your life may look like. Whether you return to school to become an RN or you begin the process of becoming a foster parent, you will surely find yourself making a serious difference in the community around you and leading a happier life in the process. After all, it takes one great person to change a life forever.

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