5 Benefits of Promotional Products for Small Businesses

5 Benefits of Promotional Products for Small Businesses

Promotional merchandise has a long history in corporate world. The trend started in Coshocton, Ohio as a joint venture of an innovative printer and local shoe manufacturer. First promotional product was school bag with shoe company inscription, which is considered to be one of the most brilliant promotional tactics up to this day

Since then we used billions of promotional pens, notebooks, cups, cutting boards, lighters and hats and the reason while this marketing strategy is still alive and kicking is the number of benefits it brings to entrepreneurs. In this article I tried to sum up all the benefits the use of promotional merchandise brings.

Increased brand recognition

Brand recognition is one of the major goals of both big and small businesses. Brand itself represents feelings consumers have about your company or product and its greater recognition means that more consumers found your brand interesting. By increasing brand’s recognition entrepreneurs are also increasing their competitiveness. But how exactly promotional products increase brand recognition?

If companies issue promotional products that are useful for their audience, print slogans and logos on them and share it to potential customers, these people will use promotional merchandise in their everyday lives and printed application will keep company and its products on top of their minds.

Lots of engagement at a low cost

Promotional merchandise is very affordable today. You can make wholesale order of huge batches of very useful promotional products that will be used by your audience on a daily basis, like promotional usb drives, for example. Companies that sell these products often offer commercial printing services as well. Unlike other types of outreach (online ads for example), promotional products become part of customers everyday lives, and represent an advertising that runs non-stop, as long as the product is in use.

Increased longevity of marketing campaigns

Campaign’s longevity is one of the most critical parameters in marketing. Most online marketing campaigns run as long as you have funds on your account. The moment they suck out your last penny, they stop as well as their ROI. With giving out promotional merchandise ROI is being built over long periods of time, which means that order might come a year or two after you launched your marketing campaign.


One of the best strategies for attracting new customers, usually includes offering something useful, interesting and appealing for free. That is a great way to build a successful sales funnel, which initiates relations between companies and leads from an early start. Content marketing for example offers interesting and useful content to targeted audience. Giving away promotional products can be viewed as content marketing strategy conducted by Santa himself, because instead of lines of text, photos and video frames it offers something tangible and permanent.

Increased customer loyalty

Promotional merchandise is not only used for attaining new prospects and clients, but also for rewarding old customers and for increasing their loyalty to company and its brands. Giving away promotional products to customers is a way to thank them for their smart choice. This will also make them feel special and appreciated. That is exactly what entrepreneurs need because it is widely known that satisfied customers are the best brand advocates. They can generate lots of positive rumors and improve company’s word-to-mouth marketing strategy.


Some people thought that the use promotional merchandise in marketing will fade away, with the emergence of social media ads and other more sophisticated ways of digital advertising. They underestimated consumers’ love for free gifts and the longevity and other tangible benefits promotional merchandise brings. Now when we can easily order whole batches of promotional products directly from their manufacturers, we know for sure that the use of this marketing strategy will exponentially grow in the years to come.