3 New Year’s Resolution To Boost Your Startup in 2017

3 new year’s resolution to boost your startup in 2017

The list of classic New Year’s resolutions that everyone makes but rarely sticks to is long, tired and no doubt very familiar.

Make more time for family, go to the gym more, read more books, make more money (save more money!), go on holiday more often – pick one, swear this year you’ll actually accomplish it and then promptly forget about it as your hangover kicks in on the 1st of January.

That’s the usual formula.

But whilst it’s fine for your personal life – no one else is really going to be that bothered if you live another year without managing to make it through Crime and Punishment – it’s not the mindset to adopt with your business.

You’ve already accomplished a lot in 2016 by taking your first steps as an entrepreneur. The trick for keeping the momentum up is to motivate yourself with targets and goals.

In other words, now’s the time to make inspiring and attainable New Year’s resolutions for your startup.

Here’s three that’ll help you turn 2017 into your most successful year yet – take a look.

#1: don’t do everything yourself

When you first launched your startup, everything was on you: from coming up with funding to paying the bills on time every month.

But now that you’re up and running, trying to carry on doing every job yourself is impossible – and not a smart use of your time.

Whilst pure adrenaline pulled you through the first few months, it won’t be enough to keep you going as your to-do list grows faster than your business.

Whether it’s deciding to outsource payroll and other administrative tasks or assigning key responsibilities to trusted members of staff, next year you’re going to learn how to delegate so that you can focus on the big mission instead of all the small but time consuming jobs.

#2: focus on teamwork

According to research from CB Insight, the biggest reason startups fail comes down to poor teamwork.

Disharmony between employees, not having the right people on board, losing focus – as soon as everyone stops working together happily and productively your entire business is at risk.

Your main responsibility is to keep everyone connected by facilitating efficient teamwork. Put communication at the forefront with collaborative working spaces, regular informal meetings and out-of-work socialising events.

But you also need to bear teamwork in mind when you’re hiring new staff – something you’ll have to do a lot more of as your startup develops throughout the next year. Try to find people who’re qualified for the job and a good fit personality-wise to mesh with your existing workforce.

#3: look after yourself

Business owners work 63 per cent longer than the average worker just to keep on top of everything, but whilst understandable, it’s not a long-term recipe for success.

Keep pushing yourself to the max and you’re going to burn out.

Looking after yourself and making healthier choices has to be one of your top priorities, and now that you’re also learning the fine art of delegating, you should be freeing yourself up some precious time.

Instead of ploughing it all back into your business, try to spend at least some of it looking after yourself – be it a walk outside, an occasional afternoon in front of the TV or even a short holiday.

Set yourself these three encouraging but attainable resolutions and remember there are no excuses for not following through on the goals you’ve yourself. Before you know it, you’ll be spending New Year’s Eve 2017 celebrating a record-smashing 12 months of business.