3 Major Things to Never Forget During Failure

These things will help you get through failure

Failure happens to everyone. However, failure doesn’t have to rule your life. There are things that you can control and things that you can’t control. How you respond to failure makes or breaks your success. Your attitude matters a lot in overcoming anything that life throws at you. Failures are lessons in the university of life, and most people learn from them. The good news about failure is that you only get an “F” grade if you refuse to learn from it.

“If you’re seeing your life through the lenses of failure, success will not show up.”

The most successful people have learned tremendous lessons from their failures, and that’s how they keep moving forward in life. Instead of seeing failure as negative events, successful people have re-defined failure as a vital part in their lives to make them grow. This doesn’t imply that successful people love to have as many failures as possible. No one likes to fail. Failure is not fun. Failure hurts and it may make you feel small and totally defeated.

“Failure doesn’t disqualify you from achieving success, it prepares you for it.”

Failure is not bigger than you. You are bigger than failure. It’s not easy to think this way when you’re going through the motions. Fortunately, when you come to your senses, you can have a fresh perspective about what happened. What is it that went wrong and why? Identify the key things that you learned, the do’s and the don’ts. It’s amazing how much failures teach you. When you’re open to embrace growth in your life, failures work in your favor.

“You can do something about the present. The past is history, you can’t change it.”

There’s no magic wand to make failure disappear in an instant, it takes time and effort to recover from it; there aren’t any shortcuts unless you want to ignore what happened and refuse to learn from it. Every failure, as insignificant as it may be, allows you to see things differently and more positively if you want to. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with failure, following is a helpful guide:

1. Don’t repress your emotions

If you’re sad, upset, and frustrated, it’s okay. Failure causes you to think and feel negatively for the simple reason that you’re a human being not a robot. Depending on the size of your failure, you may go through shorter or longer periods of time focusing on what went wrong and why.


Staying connected with people. Talk about what happened with highly trusted colleagues, friends, or family. Having a support system is essential in your life. Even if your support system consists of two persons, even one person. You need someone who cares about you, encourages you, and gives you sound advice.

2. All situations are temporary

If you’re struggling with overcoming failure, take heart as it is more than normal for most people. A very essential thing that you need to keep in mind is that what you’re going through will not last forever. Life is about ups and downs. You will not always remain in a state of failure, your situation will change.


Reflecting on other failures in your life or other people’s failures. No dwelling, just reflecting. Identify what things helped you overcome those past failures and apply the most relevant ones to your current situation. Make faith and hope your allies, and courage your constant companion.

3. Life goes on

Failures are supposed to strengthen you and shape your character for the better. Staying in your comfort zone because you fear you’ll fail again limits your growth and chances to succeed in life. Life doesn’t wait for you; hours, days, weeks, and years go by fast. You’re not defined by your failures. You’re more than you think.


Adopting new and healthy habits. Add value to your life by learning new things and expanding your knowledge. Meet new people and foster meaningful relationships, personally and professionally. Take care of yourself and of the people that you love and appreciate. Cherish every moment.

“Failure is needed in life to develop your full potential and set you up for success.”

Your academic education is a fraction of the vast education that you’ll get throughout life. You’ll never stop learning. Failure is a harsh lesson that life gives you. Either you learn to overcome failure or failure overcomes you. All in all, failure has hidden secrets that are for you to discover; in them, you’ll find the keys to open the doors of your success. Expand your vision, see what’s in front of you, to the left and to the right and only look back to see how far you’ve come.

What things have helped you overcome failure? Please share below. Thank you!

This post was originally published on LinkenIn by Ivette K. Caballero

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