20 Key Actions that Make You a Better and Happier Person

It's time to move forward in life more successfully, why not start now?

Understanding the true meaning of  “less is more” is highly important to have clarity about where we are and where we want to go in life. The principle of “less is more” varies based on a person’s perceptions and beliefs, and on certain situations; less does not imply the absence of valuable and meaningful things in our lives. It is easy to tell where our hearts are when we reflect on the things that we say more and do more. Less implies simplicity, not mediocrity.

“What we do speaks louder than what we say; this is the power of action”

The principle of “less is more” also applies to our behaviors and attitudes. We are perfectly imperfect human beings. The good news is that we can learn to become people of excellence and positive influence in this world. What we do speaks louder than what we say; this is t he power of action. We may have great intentions, though without acting on our intentions all is meaningless.

“Any time of the year is always a good time to make resolutions, set goals, and acquire new habits.”

It is the beginning of a new year and it is a tradition to make resolutions. This is a good time to reflect on our lives and take account of what we have done with it so far, what we need and we want to do with it moving forward. Not everyone follows traditions and that is completely fine; any time of the year is always a good time to make resolutions, set goals, and acquire new habits.

Here are 20 things to do less of to allow room in our lives to welcome the good things that make us better and happier people:

1. Criticize less

We tend to tell people what they did wrong. This, far from helping them, lowers their morale and discourages them. We need to be more encouraging and provide objective and thoughtful feedback.

2. Gossip less

When we speak negatively or unpleasantly of others – particularly when they are not present – we are engaging in gossip. When we gossip, we send a negative message to others and we are risk losing our trustworthiness.

3. Hate less

Hating others is more damaging to us than to them. Holding onto feelings of hate makes us sick; scientific research has proven this. There is a lot of evidence that suggests that repressed hate contributes to developing cancer.

4. Stress less

Stressing out is part of life. What is not normal is allowing our levels of stress to get out of control. There are things that we have control over and things that we do not. We must let go of what we cannot control and be kind to ourselves.

5. Envy less

We tend to compare ourselves to others and as a result, envy grows in us. Envy does not take us anywhere nor does it solve our problems. On the contrary, it lowers our self-esteem and impacts our character negatively.

6. Complain less

Complaining implies negativity. When we tend to talk about the same things over and over in a negative way, we are complaining. This behavior shows lack of maturity in us and can also damage our relationships.

7. Reject less

There are no super powers in us. We benefit from being open minded and accepting help and compliments from others. Rejecting people who want to genuinely help us makes things more difficult for us.

8. Frown less

Frowning takes more effort than smiling. Many times, we are not aware of how much we frown. Frowning makes us look unfriendly. Why put more effort into frowning when it takes less effort to smile?

 9. Overthink less

When we overthink, confusion and doubt arise and they can create unnecessary stress in us. It is helpful to distract our thoughts and clear our mind by going outdoors and taking a walk.

10. Assume less

Assuming things leads to misunderstandings, and trouble at times; it also shows lack of responsibility in us. Before we assume anything about someone or something, it is smart to clear things up.

11. Judge less

It is easier to see what others do wrong than to see this in ourselves. Judging others, before we look at ourselves for what we are, is a character flaw. It is good for us to be kind to others and to be more mindful of our own flaws.

12. Hurt less

Our words and actions have the power to hurt others if we are not careful about it. Everything that goes around comes around. So if we hurt others purposely or not, we will also be hurt sooner or later. It is better to bless than to hurt others.

13. Lie less

There is no such truth as half truths, small truths, or white lies. A lie is a lie. The more lies we tell to others, and to ourselves, the more we become accustomed to this lifestyle. Being honest enriches our lives and the lives of others.

14. Worry less

I totally understand that saying something is easier than acting on it. Nonetheless, worrying excessively can rob us of our joy. It is normal to worry, to some extend. We choose to welcome more worry or more faith in our lives.

15. Impress less

Trying to impress others all the time takes energy out of us. Making a good impression is not bad. However, it is good to examine the reasons why we want to impress people; we learn a lot about ourselves when we do this.

16.  Offend less

In life, not everything goes as we plan it; it is a truth that we need to accept. If people who we love, admire, and respect fail us at something, we do not need to resource to being offensive to them. It is not good to pay evil with evil.

17. Blame less

Taking responsibility for our own actions shows maturity in us; blaming others for things that went wrong shows lack of maturity. Before pointing fingers at anyone, it is helpful to take a step back to think and not react to the situation.

18. Ignore less

How many times do we come to the office and not greet the people we bump into? We are distracted or simply lack manners. Either way, acknowledging people and showing respect impacts everyone in a positive way.

19. Pretend less

It is a hard job to try to like someone else. We will never be successful at it and as a consequence, we will feel exhausted and never satisfied. Each of us is unique, and we do not have to go with the flow of our culture tells us to do.

20. Yell less

Yelling at work, at home, at school and everywhere is disrespectful. If we want to be respected and not be yelled at, we must be conscious about it. If our objective is to get someone’s attention, constantly yelling makes us a bully.

We all benefit from doing less of the negative things; we are able to do positive things that enhance our lives and the lives of others. If we want to grow in life and develop good relationships, personally and professionally, we need to continually work at it. We have the power to live more meaningfully, more healthy, and more at peace with ourselves and with others.

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This post was originally published on LinkedIn by Ivette K. Caballero.