14 of the most promising seed-stage enterprise startups

Here are the 14 most promising enterprise startups:

  1. Amplitude. Backed by Y Combinator and a $2 million seed round, Amplitude is a mobile analytics startup used by the likes of Nokia, CrunchBase, Yik Yak, and Coursera. With such a promising list of customers, we’re excited to see if Amplitude has what it takes to take on Mixpanel.
  2. Backtrace I/O. Backtrace I/O is a recent addition to NYC’s growing IT infrastructure ecosystem. The company has raised $1.1 million and offers a crash analytics platform with tremendous detail and speed.
  3. Clearbit. Alex MacCaw, previously an engineer at Stripe and Twitter, has been launching a suite of business intelligence application programming interfaces (APIs) for the past year at Clearbit. The startup has already raised a $2 million seed round from backers like top-tier investors at Fuel Capital, BoxGroup, and First Round Capital.
  4. CloudHelix. This San Francisco-based startup with $3.1 million of seed capital in the bank is building an open-source solution to monitor network traffic, performance, and security. Competing with giants such as New Relic and AppDynamics, CloudHelix is building a new set of tools led by a veteran group of networking and data leaders.
  5. Conjur. Conjur is a startup that’s bringing security to the world of devops. They aid enterprises in their transitions to the cloud by offering access control on a cloud-native security platform, and have raised $2.6 million in seed funding to do so.
  6. Do. Do is looking to deconstruct the negative connotations surrounding meetings, offering software that allows you to set agendas, track follow-ups, and define outcomes. With $2.4 million and an impressive list of seed investors including New Enterprise Associates and world-renowned rapper Nas, Do is a startup to look out for in 2015.
  7. Graphistry. The roots of Graphistry were first hatched in the labs of Univerity of California, Berkeley, and it has since evolved to become a tool that creates high density data visualizations on any web-enabled device.
  8. Immunio. With a $2.7 million seed round from Bloomberg Beta and others, Montreal-based security startup Immunio aims to protect web applications from SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and other attacks.
  9. Pachyderm. Coming off of a $2 million seed round from Data Collective, Foundation Capital, and other top-tier seed and angel investors, Pachyderm is aiming to build the modern day, containerized version of Hadoop.
  10. Sapho. This San Francisco-based startup founded by former IT execs from CBS Interactive consolidates the variety of enterprise application updates that employees receive into one customized stream. With a $3 million seed round from SoftTech VC, Bloomberg Beta, and others under its belt, we expect to hear great things in the near future.
  11. Scout RFP. This Chicago-based startup centralizes and automates the request for proposal (RFP) process, offering proposal templates, a bidding platform, and more. Backers like Google Ventures and New Enterprise Associates have pooled together $2.8 million in seed stage capital to support the cloud-based software startup, which counts Motorola Solutions, Subway, and Tory Burch in its customer base.
  12. StackStorm. After spending time at Clarus Systems, Nexenta Systems, and VMware, co-founders Dimitri Zimine and Evan Powell founded the open-source StackStorm to automate devops. It can be used to streamline tools like Puppet, Chef, and SaltStack and is compatible with a variety of cloud infrastructure, such as Heroku and Amazon Web Services.
  13. Tutum. This New York City-based startup, clocking in at a $2.65 million seed round, is a containers-as-a-service provider that simplifies the building, deployment, monitoring, and scaling of containers from all application platforms.
  14. Unitive. This San Francisco startup is focused on measuring subconscious bias in job postings and educates employees about behaviors that unintentionally narrow the candidate pool. Its ultimate goal: to help enterprises build diverse, innovative teams through it’s interviewing platform.