10 Of Your Worst Fear You Shouldn’t Worry About

The human mind is very powerful. It can either destroy you or push you through heights never imagined. Fear is a negative emotion which when acted upon can lead you to your death. Every day we are faced with myriad of thoughts and emotions and how we react to these emotions can ultimately determine how our lives will turn out to be. To achieve anything of noteworthy proportion we must overcome our fears. By carefully recognizing and studying our fears, we eventually develop our own philosophy about our commonly faced fears. Here is a quick look at some of the worst fears we encounter in life;

You wouldn’t marry your true love

It is the dream of everyone to marry someone they believe is their true love. Many people have ended their lives in misery searching for this true love, but in reality true love hardly ever happens. With the rising state of divorce and infidelity, young ones approach marriage with doubt and insecurity. The most important things in seeking a partner are trust, understanding and compromise from both sides. With these three qualities, you would go into marriage with an open mind and not necessarily searching for that true love.

You wouldn’t achieve your dreams by age 40

This is very common. A fool at 40 is not a fool forever; this saying has been shattered by many long ago. Most people dream but fail to set tangible and measurable goals. Dreams would not take you there; it will only increase your anxiety. Dream is a laxative for the mind. Set small measurable goals that will lead you to your dreams. If you don’t hit the mark by 40, don’t be disturbed so many great men hadn’t started their empires by then.

Your employees hate you

You own a company but you have the feeling that you are despised by your employees. You are surprised because you pay them their salaries and are responsible for their livelihood. While this can be disturbing, you need not be. Some employees naturally will nurse deep seated hatred against you and there is nothing you can do. The most important thing is to demonstrate leadership with a conscience.

You could catch a terminal Illness

With the rate of chemicals being introduced in our food and cosmetics coupled with the continuous pollution of our environment, the chances that we will catch a terminal diseases like cancer are becoming high. The disease is not actually the problem but how we can collectively manage a disease is crucial. As long as we continue to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, we are reducing our chances of catching a terminal disease.

You would become old and ugly

We all love our youth; the age of beauty and freedom. Once upon a time, we were young, filled with energy and gusto. We wanted to be trendy and court the attention of all. We cherished our beauty and we forgot that age is slowly catching up on us. But age itself is a period of grace, it is the period to release our innermost strength; it is the period of true beauty.

Your friends don’t really care about you

One of your greatest fears is that the people who you call your close friends don’t really care about you. You fear that they would leave you when you need them the most. This is a wrong approach to friendship and this kind of fear will drive you slowly to loneliness. The best way to look at this is to treat everyone alike; somehow they all have something to contribute to your life.

Your wife/husband would stop loving you

We all fear this at one point in our marital life. The sheer length of time we would spend together as couples only helps expose the monotony of marital life. To kill this, couples most become innovative and must spice up their marriage with romance, if not they would gradually extinguish the love in their hearts.

Your children wouldn’t reciprocate your love

As parents we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to bring up our children to be successful individuals. The sheer amount of love we give out cannot be quantified. We can’t fathom that all those love would go unnoticed by our children. But this sometimes happen. Let us remember that our sole duty as parent is to bring up our children who in turn can contribute meaningfully to the society, that should be our greatest joy.

You could become broke

Everyone fears poverty. Poverty is the worst thing that can ever happen to our soul. It robs us of our self-esteem and drags us into despair. With the increasing state of government instability, market uncertainties and human tension, we often nurse the feeling that one day all our hard earned money could be gone. In as much as this is a possibility, you need not fixate on this. As long as you know the secrets to wealth you would always bounce back from a fall.

You would die one day

The best way to prepare for death is to anticipate it. Never in life should one fear the day one would die. Death is a transition of energy into another state. To cherish this moment, let us live our lives as if today is our last, that way we would live a more fulfilled and productive life.

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