10 Start-ups to Follow In the Coming Years

Today we’ll discuss the review certain young start-ups that have managed to catch the eye of the world thanks to their potential. Despite the short time they’ve been in business they have managed to succeed where others struggled for many years.

  1. Veeno

Number one on the list is Veeno, a company that focuses on wines and more specifically, wine cafes in the United Kingdom. The truth is the wine industry is on the rise right now and it’s only natural that companies related to it are doing well. Veeno has several cafes in the country and is planning to expand further in the upcoming years.

  1. BIBŌO

BIBOO is a revolutionary company when it comes to combining technology and sustainability. They sell electric bikes which are extremely good for lessening the environmental impact. They are based in Bilbao, Spain.

  1. Abalo Publicidad

Abalo Publicidad managed to become one of the most successful start-ups of the year thanks to the high quality products and online platform they offer. It’s a place to get company gifts and equipment such as business agendas. This one is also based in Spain.

One thing that has set Abalo Publicidad from other start-ups is the face they have openly confirmed that they’d love to cooperate with other start-ups to complete mutual goals.

  1. Monarch Solicitors

Leave the vendor and shops category to go to another type of start-up. We’re talking about Monarch Solicitors Ltd., an incredibly successful lawyer firm in the United Kingdom. They have grown beyond every expectation in the last year and the reason for their success is said to be their high quality legal services for affordable prices.

  1. Wine Outlet

Do you remember when we mentioned earlier that the wine industry is on the rise? Wine Outlet is another start-up that is there to prove this. Based in Greece, wine outlet offers the best and most exclusive wines from around the world via its interactive e-shop platform. One thing that set this start-up apart from its competitors was the great number of wine options in its catalogue. Customers love to have many options, especially when it comes to something they love, such as wine!

  1. Studapart

Once again we shift from wines to studying and travel. No, it’s not Erasmus but students that go on Erasmus benefit greatly from it. Studapart is a start-up that offers lodging services for students that travel abroad and is currently very successful in Europe.

  1. 10-Vins

Now we have another passion of people that has turned into a profitable enterprise. Coffee! More specifically, Nespresso coffee making machines! 10-Vins is the company that has built one of the most innovative machines in the industry and this is proven by the great number of them they’ve managed to sell in just a couple of years.

  1. Cellectis

Cellectis is one of those companies that one always expects to succeed. Nevertheless, it’s very admirable how much they managed to grow in a single year. The only answer is their high quality genetic treatments. The company called Cellectis grew by 130% in a single year.

  1. Nannuka

Nannuka is completely different from any start-up we’ve looked at so far today. It has to do with children and more specifically their care. The company’s child care services are some of the best in Europe and they have often been praised for their online platform.

  1. Tannico

Last but not least we have Tannico, an Italian company that offers wine as a retailer. By this point we’re sure you’re not surprised to hear wine! This one had a very fast success and is currently preparing to expand in the United Kingdom and conquer the English market just like it did with the Italian.

If you could follow only one of these start-ups, which one would it be?