Tips for Entrepreneurs

Tips for Entrepreneurs to Conquer the World

Every entrepreneur’s dream is to make it big and conquer the world. However, there are lots of bumps and rough patches in the road...
Is Professionalism a Soft Skill

Is Professionalism a Soft Skill? A Hi-Tech Perspective

"Soft Skills, or the ability to manage soft issues, is a challenge for modern leaders to master" - Aly Moreno As I wrote last week,...


Future of Banking

The Future of Banking

Be it the macroeconomy, geopolitics or technological changes, we are living in a world of radical uncertainty. Not only do we have to grapple...
How Twitter Helped Me Become A Top 100 Global Digital Influencer

How Twitter Helped Me Become A Top 100 Global Digital Influencer

  Since joining Twitter in 2009, it has been my favourite social network to engage with my audience. My first ever tweet was sent on the...


Google has been part of the Merriam-Webster dictionary since 2006, which tells you just how vital the search engine has become. Google’s annual list of its most popular search terms give us a snapshot of what people have been...
Twitter today announced Music on Vine for iOS and Android to help users discover and create music on the short-form video sharing service. “Music has been part of Vine’s culture since the beginning,” the company says on its new website. “Now, we’re connecting...

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